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Special Services

We proudly serve Lubbock, Texas and the surrounding areas with a great variety of custom monuments and services. Contact Slaton Monument today to find out if we can help with a project idea that you, your family or civic group has and let us create a lasting memory in stone and design.

Our Professional Services Include:

Sand Blasting

Personalize your monuments or business sign with the help of Slaton Monument. We offer sandblasting & engraving services such as on-site cemetery letteringing as well as the addition of names & custom designs.

Municipal Signs

School Signs By Slaton Monuments in Texas

We also specialize in traffic signs, custom business signs, and more. Our customers range from contractors, churches, schools, property managers, hospitals, federal institutions, and private individuals.

Laser Etching

Monuments from Slaton Monuments

Laser etching is a method used to transfer detailed images onto granite. The image might be one of your loved one, a nature scene, or anything personal to customize your memorial. Color can be added.



Monuments may become cracked or deteriorated due to an old foundation, in that case we offer resetting and leveling services to ensure that the headstone/memorial is restored.

Lot Improvements

Lot Improvements from Slaton Monuments

Looking to improve the condition of a memorial? We offer lot improvement services that include adjustments of the headstone base and the removal of non-conforming markers. Contact us to learn more.

Civil Monuments


Slaton Monument offers custom civil monuments and memorials in a variety of sizes and styles. These memorials can be personalized by custom artwork.